Singletone Software Products

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A .NET program to play Axia Livewire Streams


Low-Cost way to get Axia streams into a Windows Computer. Requires a direct connection to an Axia Switch.

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IP point to point Link


Suitable for backup STL Links.  This is a raw packet UDP/TCP protocol transmitter/receiver.  It runs full duplex or simplex.  Compression can be configured for each path and doesn't have to be the same.  It will run in linear non compressed CD-quality (44100 bps, 16 bit, 2 channel) or a variety of compression algorithms are available.  No cloud, No server.  Just a free point A to point B transport.

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The Axia Mini Selector

Low-cost way to switch xNode or Vmix sources on the fly using a Windows app. Does not require a direct connection. Operates with a route to the Axia Network and access to port 80 and port 93.

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Axia Alarms

A very versatile utility program gives you adjustabe below and above threshold alarms for any Axia Channel Meter on the network.  Alarms can be customized and sent to an email address or texted to any cell phone.  No fees.  An SMTP server account is required. A premium version can control GPIO device pins in response to(GPO) or as a result of(GPI) inputs.


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